1. Abbigale Celeste Photography. Email.  FBIGTwitter. Serves Montgomery County, Walker County, Harris County, Brazoria County Texas. Brenham, College Station, Texas. $1500-$3000. Discounts available for % off a collection, bundle deals.. LGBTQ+ friendly. Offers wedding photography and videography. Packages on website.
  2. Brockstar Videos. Email.  FB.  IG.  Twitter. Serves Houston and surrounding areas. Prices vary. Discounts - no. LGBTQ+ friendly. Offers videography services.
  3. Elegant Bridal Videos. Email.  FB.  IG.  Twitter. Serves DFW metro area, San Antonio, Waco, Austin. $800-$1300. Discounts - none. Offers wedding videography. LGBTQ+ friendly. Packages on website.
  4. Endless Exposures Photography. EmailFBIG.  Twitter. Serves Houston, Galveston, worldwide/destination weddings. $750-$4200. Discounts offered for certain venues and destination locations, and dates booked closer to event. LGBTQ+ friendly. Offers all wedding photography services, engagements, bridals, boudoir, engagement videography, destination elopement photography and videography. Packages on website.
  5. JEM Videography. Email.  FBIG.  Twitter. Serves Central Texas and surrounding areas. $300-$1500. Discounts - no. LGBTQ+ friendly. Packages available. 
  6. LTS Productions. Email.  FB.  IG. Twitter. Serves Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio. $800+. Discounts-Military. Offers Videography, LGBTQ+ friendly. Offers packages.
  7. Stefan Munoz PhotographyEmail.  FB.  IG.  Twitter. Serves Houston, Tx, USA. $1600-$5200. Discount of 15% off any wedding packages for teachers, nurses, military personnel, and first responders. LGBTQ+ friendly. Offers photography, videography. Packages available.
  8. UPTIME Films. Email.  FB.  IG.  Twitter. Serves Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. $1800-$4000. Discount of 20% off. Just ask. LGBTQ+ friendly. Offers videography. Packages on website.
  9. Weddings Unlimited. EmailFBIG.  Twitter. Serves all of Texas. Price varies. Discount 5% for military, first responder, teacher. Bundles also available. LGBTQ+ friendly. Offers photography, videography, DJ, photo booth, and special FX. Packages on website.
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